These pieces were done for my MFA in Illustration unless otherwise noted.

Assignment for southern women's magazine done in gouache 

Visual development for an animated project about Dia de los Muertos. Colored pencil and marker.

Another Dia de los Muertos piece 

Assignment for a congratulatory greeting card done in gouache. 

For an article about Mad Cow Disease using the crackle technique. 

I began my MFA on September 12th, 2001. Our techniques teacher had us create a book about the events of 9/11. Understandably, the color and tone of these pieces is darker than much of my work. I based my book on a poem written by a good friend of mine. (No political statements here; not trying to bum y'all out; just showcasing different illustration techniques...). The teacher pointed out to us that as illustrators, we'd have to cover current events. A good lesson.

Here are a few of those illustrations, with their corresponding lines from the poem.  The one above used transfer technique: "The children played and went to school..."

 Ink/bleach technique: "Then came the evil..." 

Colored pencil on black sandpaper: "...the rape of our peace." 

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